Free fundraising

That's right, we provide FREE fundraising. That means, when you set up your campaign with us, you will pay zero fees.
We do not charge commission, and we do not take a percentage of your hard-earned money. We realize that you need every penny of the money that you raise to help your cause. Otherwise, you would not be soliciting money in the first place, right?

Our motivation

So, we came up with in the true spirit of fundraising. People who contribute to you will give more once they realize that no one is profiting from your efforts. Who wants to give money when someone else is taking a cut?

Our mission

Our mission is to help your mission. That may include charity work, volunteering, feeding the poor, disasters relief, etc. There are so many people who need help, and we can help you help them with our simple and easy to use website.

Your kindness

Our site is supported by your kindness. Donations to help us operate are 100% voluntary. We are confident that those who are in a position to support us will do so with generous donations to help us keep this spirit of free fundraising alive.

First class customer support

Our strength is in our excellent Customer support, you will receive our first-class customer support with absolutely no charge to you, a Dedicated Fundraising Coach will assist you from start to finish.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible get up and running as quickly as possible raising the funds that they need. Be one of us. Join the site that is changing how online fundraising is done.