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Why We Want to Help Protect the Waters of the World, and Why You Should Too

Our team at LetUsFund.com participated as volunteers in the International Coastal Cleanup Day celebration held last September 16, 2017 at the Manila Bay, Philippines. We were part of thousands who came to collect garbage along the coast. More importantly, we were also part of this worldwide missi

The Top Two Deadliest Diseases in the Philippines

A lot of Filipinos don’t have emergency funds or savings set aside for medical expenses. Th

LetUsFund Revolutionizes Crowdfunding and Online Fundraising Campaigns

LetUsFund Revolutionizes Crowdfunding and Online Fundraising Campaigns Crowdfunding platform

Rally Kindness and Care More through an Online Fundraising Campaign

Kindness is indeed powerful, enabling miracles to happen across the globe, initiated by ordinary

The 10 Benefits of Sports Programs for Troubled Youth

All around the world, one common problem in depressed areas is the growing number of troubled you


Education in the Philippines: 4 Ways You Can Help

Every single day, an average of 5,000 babies are born in the Philippines. This means that more and more children have to be raised properly and given formal education. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, however, one child in every ten from ages 6 to 24 years old is not in schoo

Why We Should Care for Pets like Family

Do you often wonder why pets are treated like real family members by their owners? Research o

5 Funeral Expenses Filipinos Need to Be Prepared For

Most Filipinos were not raised to prepare for tragic incidents or even emergencies. Yes, it might

How can an Online Fundraising Platform help you?

Are you an individual looking for financial help for your own personal cause? Do you need to

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