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Who am I? Gracie What is my relationship to the family? Mum in law How will the funds be collected &


? The event will be held at the family's barn in their home and funds will be left with them Location? Little Buffalo, in Alberta, Canada We are putting together a benefit stand up comedy show on June 22, 2017 to help raise money for Drummond's hospital and medical needs. For those who know Drummond, you know he is the most caring and giving person you have ever met ad a wonderful father of 3 kids. Drummond, is a veteran and was diagnosed with severe MS - multiple sclerosis disease and his deteriorating health has robbed Drummond of his ability to walk and he has now to use a wheelchair. As his disease progresses his medical expenses will escalate. Kindly share this link to any friends, colleagues, workmates, alumni and well wishers who can help. Thank you for your kind donations.


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