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Manassas, VN
Hello my good friends, As some of you know, I'm currently in in Venezuela


20% raised of $25,000
536 days
Charlotte, US
Since we first met we knew that adopting was going to be part of our lives, L


90% raised of $40,000
503 days
Manila, PH
As you know our country has been combating with the dangers of human traffick


55% raised of $20,000
572 days
Haiti Movie Production Renmark is an association young music and filmmakers b


92% raised of $40,000
540 days
Naga, PH
Hello well wishers and good friends of the human community, Please help save


95% raised of $20,000
552 days
Sheffield , US
Maria is a 7-year-old girl from Sheffield. She loves music, dance, flowers, a


74% raised of $10,000
511 days
Chicago, US
Peeps please help me fight for my brother James. As very many of you know Jam


79% raised of $10,000
533 days
Orizaba , MX
As you know the members of a very precious family was taken away to from us w


65% raised of $25,000
542 days
Alberta, CA
  Who am I? Gracie What is my relationship to the family? Mum in law


88% raised of $25,000
541 days
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