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let us fund

  • $0 platform fee
    2.9% + 30 transaction fee


  • 4.9% platform fee
    2.0% + 30 transaction fee


  • 6.75% (3% if goal met) platform fee. 4% transaction fee

go fund me

  • 5% platform fee
    2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee

Nimble & Effective

Let Us Fund offers a suite of new generation, clutter free fund raising features to help you get the most out of your campaigns.

Open Ended Campaigns

Unlike other platforms, we allow our campaign organizers to run their campaigns as long as they would like, we think it is both practical and critical to allow our campaigners the time and flexibility they need to gather the support needed for their causes.

Funds Availability

Guess what? If you connect your Stripe account to our backend by clicking the Stripe connect button, we don't keep or touch your donations; the donations go straight into your Stripe account where you can access them immediately - now that makes things real easy!

Again, remember there are absolutely no platform fees with Let Us Fund, the only fee you will see is the fee that Stripe charges when processing the transactions or PayPal transfer fee for those not using Stripe. We don't take any cut from your donations.


Platform Fee

We run our service on kindness


Stripe Processing Fee

What Stripe charges for processing credit cards


WePay Processing Fee

What WePay charges for processing credit cards