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General Questions

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  • What is Let Us Fund?
  • LetUsFund is a free, fast, efficient, and easy way to raise money online. It allows you to create campaigns for just about everything. You can use LetUsFund for your organization, business, tuition, party, travel funds, medical bills, basically anything you can think of. In LetUsFund we believe people can do incredible things and we are just here to help. Like other crowd funding sites, LetUsFund allows you to collect funding from everyone, except we do not charge a fee, but only ask for a voluntary tip to keep our mission going.

  • What can I use LetUsFund for?
  • You can use LetUsFund for just about anything that you can think of for a good cause.

  • Does LetUsFund Screen campaigns?
  • We do not screen campaigns, but users are able to report campaigns they feel is offensive and disagreeable, we will evaluate reports and remove if necessary.

  • Who uses LetUsFund?
  • Everyone who has a cause they believe in use LetUsFund.

  • Why should I use LetUsFund ?
  • Raising money shouldn’t be hard, and other crowdfunding sites shouldn’t be taking a chunk of your hard earned money for a cause that you believe in. is free of charge and we work for you and your cause. You can do just about anything with LetUsFund.

  • How do I get people to contribute to my campaign?
  • This is completely up to you and how you wish to distribute the campaign. The most successful campaigns are the ones they share on Facebook and invite all their Facebook friends to help them raise funds, You can also use Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and basically all Social Media Networks. People are willing to help if they are close to you or your cause. You can visit our Tips on Running a Successful campaign section or hear testimonials from other users and see what they did to raise money.

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  • How do I know that my donation is going to the campaign cause?
  • We do our best to make sure only legitimate campaigns are run at our website, but it is ultimately up to the campaigner where the money goes. We can only advise that you support the campaigns you can trust.

  • Can I reach your team by phone?
  • LetUsFund uses email in addressing customers concerns or inquiries.

  • What if I have a personal dispute?
  • For disputes, you can always reach our support team at

  • Can I send someone a donation by check or bank transfer?
  • LetUsFund does not have the ability to accept check donations. Wepay and Stripe are the payment processors that we use.

  • How can I get my donation refunded?
  • LetUsFund does not issue a refund, it is up to the campaigners to give refunds. So it is advisable to only donate to campaigns that you know personally.

  • How do I make my donation anonymous?
  • There is check box in the donation page if you want to be anonymous.

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  • Am I responsible for taxes?
  • You are responsible for any applicable tax in accordance with your state or country.

  • Do you submit report to Government on the funds that I received?
  • We don't submit report to IRS or any Government tax department. You should work with a tax professional to ensure those donations are properly recorded.

  • Do you help in taxation?
  • LetUsFund does not provide help with taxation. Please consult a tax expert for advise.

  • Why do I need to provide my SSN? (US Only)
  • Federal law requires that we verify your SSN before you can withdraw your funds. This helps to verify your identity and legal ability to receive funds in the US.

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  • Is it safe to donate on LetUsFund?
  • Yes. We take the utmost care with the information that you provide us when placing your donation on our website (or through any other means). The server that hosts our website encrypts the transmission of all credit card and personal customer information using the Internet-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol

  • Can I donate using PayPal?
  • No. right now LetUsFund is only using Wepay and Stripe to process donations.

  • Is my donation eligible for Gift or can it be tax deductible?
  • You need to consult a tax expert in your country for advise.

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  • Do I need an account just to donate?
  • You don't need an acount to make donations.

  • How do I contact a Campaign Organizer?
  • In the campaign page there is an organizer section and a button to click to contact the campaign organizer.

  • I have an alert that my funds are on hold, how can I fix this?
  • Most likely Wepay or Stripe need additional information, you can contact them directly or submit a query at LetUsFund so we can assist you.

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